Poor connection can hurt your live-streaming experience. To help you select the best mobile device and broadcast resolution take a look at the "Internet Upload Speed" and "Broadcasting Resolution Options" articles. 

As a rule of thumb, the following connection options are ordered from most recommended to least recommended:

1. Private Wifi: will provide the best bandwidth and upload speed for the smoothest live-stream experience 

2. LTE network connections: second best option when private wifi is not available 

3. Public Wifi: the weakest and most volatile broadcasting option, not recommended 

WiFi and LTE network connection could fluctuate during livestream event, before starting your event select the highest upload speed mobile device available to be your "camera". 

If bandwidth connections drop dramatically in the middle of your live-stream, the MVPCAST app will recommend to switch to a lower broadcast resolution. If you choose to change resolutions, the current event will stop live-streaming and create a new event. Please note if the original event was named "Event", the following event will be automatically named "Event Part 2". Because MVPCAST will create a new event, make sure to reshare the live-stream link with your viewers. (original viewers DO NOT automatically receive an invitation to the new event)