What's new in MVPCAST?

We’ve added proprietary technology that will keep you streaming even in the most difficult network conditions while not missing on the quality of your footage. But we didn’t stop with that major upgrade. Release is packed with new powerful features, along with improvements to the usability.

Dual Recording Technology

We’ve redesigned our streaming app to be able to live stream with the low resolutions while recording Full HD quality video on your streaming device.

Livestream in any conditions without compromising quality of playback and highlight clips.

With just a click of the button video could be pushed to the cloud storage and be available for playback in the crisp Full HD quality. All locally recorded videos are available from Profile Page and Local Storage Videos.

Here’s what you can do now:

  • Test network conditions at the venue and setup recommended resolution for livestreaming.
  • Configure your local recording to record in Full HD or HD quality.
  • Start livestreaming.
  • When you are back to a good network conditions, upload your quality videos to the MVPCAST streaming platform.

Remotely Control Offline Recording

We’ve added a new camera option ”HD Offline + Remote” letting you record game on poor network conditions that are not suitable for livestreaming

Here’s what you can do now:

  • Select “HD Offline + Remote” on your dedicated for recording device.
  • Use other device as a remote and score keeper for the camera.
  • Create highlights and stat clips from any device during offline recording.

Stats/Clips Tagging for HD Offline+ Remote

Now scorer and everybody on your team can create highlights and stats during the game even if event is not livestreamed and recorded in HD Offline mode:

  • Save hours of time and have all clips done during the game
  • No connection – no problem

HD Offline Upload Process

Newly re-architected flow adding new level of reliability and ease of use.

  • Upload with single click HD Videos even in 1080p resolution
  • Share you videos to Camera Roll